Elijah Academy started in 2005 as a ministry of Calvary Chapel Denton to equip parents for the work of the ministry in their homes.  Looking at their individual options, many members of Calvary Chapel Denton have chosen home education over the increasingly degraded social and academic environment of public schools.  This group is for these and like-minded Christian parents who have set out on the hard path of home education.

Our goal as Christian parents is to call our children into adulthood with a lifestyle of lifelong learning, worshiping God with their lives, and working as unto the Lord.  We want to lead them into a relationship with their Maker and equip them in every way possible to reach their God-given potential. God, bless our children! 


 Our Vision


A Christian vision of home-school success drives our program features and structure.  




We are a local group with a heart to help everywhere we can. 




Our leadership is available for support and questions.