Our local group meets in Denton County (north of Dallas), Texas.  Elijah Academy guides and resources are made available on this site for like-minded groups and individuals in any location. The main feature of Elijah Academy, and the biggest benefit to our members, is the local monthly meetings focused on the spiritual and practical encouragement of parents. We recommend this feature to all umbrella schools.  

If you share our vision of Christian home education, feel free to use our content.  If you would like to start a similar group in your local area, we would love to explore how we can share our experience and resources to help you get started. CONTACT US!    

In states that require formal oversight of homeschooling, the role of umbrella schools is often defined by law.  No formal oversight of homeschooling is currently required in Texas; but our formal features are those that are common to umbrella schools throughout the United States.  Depending on the size and requirements for your location, you may need to implement your program differently.  For example, some locations require an in-home review at the end of the school year.