For High School, additional record keeping is necessary to document that the subject material for each course is of sufficient quality and rigor to make a legitimate claim of academic credit on a student's high school transcript.  Our forms guide you into defining courses that meet or exceed accepted standards of academic rigor for high school subjects.  For members meeting program requirements, Elijah Academy issues high school diplomas and sends transcripts on behalf of your student.  The form for initiating this request is also included below.       

Guidance Documents   
Graduation Requirements This guide details the requirements for a high school diploma issued through Elijah Academy.  This guide also lists suggestions for normal courses of study at the high school level.  
GPA Calculation Standards This guide details the grading scale, including standards for final course grade and quality point weightings used to calculate the GPA.   
College Guidance This guide details the recommended steps for college-bound high school students.  Included are recommendations for aptitude testing, career selection, college selection, admissions testing, and scholarship opportunities.  


Yearly Student Records  

High School Four Year Planning Form  This form is to guide parents into developing a four-year plan.  This form is to be turned in as a program record beginning at the start of 9th grade.  (one for each student, due at start of first semester)  It is to be reviewed yearly, and modified as needed.  
High School Credit Request  This form must be submitted for EACH COURSE of study undertaken for high school credit.  It documents the method used to determine credit as well as the predetermined grading method.  (One form must be filled out for each course, for every high school student each year.  This form is due with four-year plan form at the start of the year.)
High School One Year Achievement Record  This form is an OPTIONAL record keeping template and guide for documenting courses completed as well as extra-curricular activities for each student by year.   
High School Report Card  This report card includes courses of study, credit hours, and all information required by the GPA calculation standards for transfer to the High School transcript.  (This form is due at the end of each semester)
Transcript Request Form

Use this form to request an official Elijah Academy transcript be sent on behalf of the student.