These forms and guides are all about planning through a year of homeschooling.  If you have high-school students, be sure to check out the High School Program page for further guidance in that area.   

Practical Preparations
  The Planning Process

A reference of practical advice, encouragements, and ideas for planning through a full school year of homeschooling Elijah-style!

  Curriculum Recommendations 

Subject-by-subject presentation of recommended curriculum options.  


Testing and Grading

A reference for everything grading-related in homeschool, this guide advocates simplicity and integrity.


Family Mission Planning Forms


Tasks of Homeschool

Each parent should fill this out and then discuss together.  The results may surprise you! 


Family Misson

 Dads, this may be your time to shine.  Each family should choose an anchor scripture that can provide encouragement throughout the academic year. 

  Goal Sheet (print one per child)

This form is designed to guide your thoughts toward goals for each of your children. 


Lesson Planning Forms

  2015-2016 Academic Calendar 

The calendar year is 52 weeks long.  A school year is 36 weeks long.  There's plenty of time to fit it all in! 

  Weekly Lesson Plan 

This form can help you break down your semester Curriculum Plan into daily lessons for a given week.  

  Daily Assignment Sheet 

This form can help you communicate your lesson plans as a list tasks for each student each day. 


Family Logistics

  Weekly Activity Plan 

This form helps you visualize the weekly activities. 

  Daily Activity Plan 

This is a "multiple activity chart" for planning the interactions between multiple children (and toddlers) in the same homeschool for minimum disruption to the task of teaching. 


Group Coordination

  Books Borrowed or Loaned 

Here's a form you can keep in your binder to make sure we don't accidentally inherit someone else's stuff!  

  Field Trip Planner 

There are many experiences that are open to us as a group that simply would not be available for a single family.

  Binder Cover 

Use this cover page to keep your Elijah Academy documents and records labeled so they don't get mixed up with other families' binders at our monthly meetings!