For specific curriculum recommendations, see our Handbook sections on Curriculum Advice.  Parents are the faculty of Elijah Academy home schools. This page had forms for student records kept on a semester basis.  Coursework plans for each child are turned in at the beginning of the year, and updated as needed.  Attendance record and report cards are completed as a record at the end of each semester. 

Student Records 
Curriculum Plan Form

This form lists subjects for K-8th grade as an outline to document that parents have clearly defined "courses" for required subjects, at a minimum.  (One for each student, due each semester)
Attendance Record

This form is a record that your course of study was pursued in a bona fide (not a sham) fashion.  Homeschoolers have the flexibility to shift studies around activities and vacations, or even school through the summer.  But an academic year still takes a full 36 weeks of progress.  (One for each student, due each semester)
Report Card (elementary - Jr. High) 

The report card is an essential student record (one for each student, due each semester).  For recommendations on grading with integrity see our Curriculum Guides section on the Getting Started resource page. This report card includes academic as well as character evaluation keyed to SCRIPTURES that can be reviewed with the child.  It is knowledge of God's word and cooperation with the Holy Spirit that will develop godly character in our children, not any amount of legalism, habit training, or coercion.